Marketing Capacities

The Promotion Factory’s experience in marketing and communication has allowed us to refine the way we work with a brand to help in expressing its core message clearly across all the various communication platforms.


                  • Studies and conducts an analysis of the brand’s history, evolution through the years since its founding including the way products and branding have developed until its current status;
                  • Executes an analysis of market segment in which the brand operates mapping out current competing brands, their products, initiatives and marketing strategies;
                  • Interviews the brand’s leading team to understand key factors of the brand such as existing visual and marketing assets, distribution network, recent and past press coverage, social media strategy with related content calendars, upcoming projects and products, current media strategy;
                  • Defines clear short and long term objectives to achieve;
                  • Creates and proposes a marketing strategy with related timeline to include initiatives related to creative direction, public relations, social media, partnerships and events;
                  • Develops selected projects and initiatives proposed with clear action plan and related budget;
                  • Produces and executes selected marketing initiatives proposed in the marketing plans;
                  • Produces visual and creative assets that could include ad campaign, videos, lookbooks, special projects;
                  • Develops and executes selected partnership/s and related events;
                  • Secures press/media coverage to coincide with brand goals and projects;
                  • Generates social media content for the brand to feel cohesive across all digital platforms and to fully reflect the story of the brand;
                  • Provides digital marketing analysis and direction to support and enhance the brand’s visibility across digital media.